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Is It Possible Kasia Boruta Butler Was a Spy With Memory Wipes And Flashes?

Well, from my point of view, it’s truly impossible to know with absolute certainty.

The story does sound unlikely. More than likely, she was a good story teller, and liar.

If she was.. then public exposure to her position and role would need to be covered up.

Maybe she had people contact me and explain what kind of liar she is to play a role in the cover up.

Was it just an elaborate lie, with fantastic stories? .. or was it true with an actual memory wipe that cleared out her memories of recent periods of her life, which caused her to become confused when her ex-husband showed up pretending he was in her life? And she was confused, and asked for a break between her and I until she could sort out what she really wanted, what was really going on in her life, and what to do with various cloudy topics?

Obviously if she was a spy, she wouldn’t want anyone to know about it. If she was a liar, she also wouldn’t want anyone to know about it. She might want to lure someone else into a relationship online and lead them on, all the while she’s actually married.

Difficult to know, and really at this point I don’t personally care- but maybe if she’s an actual spy, and really killed her partner because he was evil, and really killed international targets, placed criminals in holding for interview and ultimately end their lives, etc– then she might be sought after by various organizations and groups of people seeking revenge.

And if that was the case, then they might feel I’ve done a sufficient job in helping cover up who she really is by revealing “truth” that she’s not a spy, when she actually was.

This info she provided me in case she was away, which apparently would provide location of her office, her tag #, jurisdiction, etc.

OP#006, JD#144

889 Concession 11 Walpole
ON N0A 1H0

Memory Wipe: Clearing of selective memories through drug induced hypnotism
Memory Flash: Sudden burst of memories previously blocked from a wipe, and from Kasia’s description is painful to experience, but gives a bit of enlightenment of experiences from the past.

Is Kasia (Kate) Boruta Butler The True Victim Here?

Kate contacted me, and indicated first of all that she was not playing a game.

She further explained that having her info online poses a major security risk (trying to still pretend that she was truly a real spy).

She said that I am playing victim when she and her family are the actual victims.

While she played this game, she was able to get off her computer and go back into her regular life. When her husband came home from work, she spent time with her husband as though nothing was going on.

During special family events, she lived her life as normal. Everything online was fake.

She created false evidence that lead me to believe her, and believe in her love for me.

My regular life included her, and she was in my thoughts. When I got off the computer, I was thinking of her, thought of the dangers she was telling me she was in, worried for her, and prayed for her. I thought what she told me was true, and made preparations for meeting soon. Things I did in my real life off the computer were adjusted with the aim of meeting Kasia, and potentially having a life with her offline.

When she was away, or should I say, “pretended to be away,” I worried for her. When she was away during holidays, spending time with family was different, because I was worrying about the woman I loved being at risk of losing life or experiencing terrible injury.

She described injuries, and the loss of her friend bubs. She spoke of abuse she received, and stresses in her life.

This caused emotional effects … for what? She was completely fake! Imagine having a close loved one in the military being deployed. That’s what it felt like for real to me, but it was all fake. She created a deception with false evidence that she was away, created photos of training, spoke in terms that lead me to believe she was real, and created photo of her being lifted by crewmen in a prayer circle at the time of bubs falling.

All the time she pretended to go away on dangerous missions caused emotional stress on me, but for her– she got to live her regular life free of any real stress.

The heartaches caused when she had a wipe and couldn’t recall me. Her pleading with me before them not to give up on her after the wipe, and stay with her– be a friend, and help her get to know the real me again. Falling in love after, then spending quality time– feeling all was real, to once again have another wipe at the end of her pretended contract. This caused more emotional pain on myself. Then, to have it happen again during pretended post traumatic stress? Her descriptions of what she was experiencing?

Think about it. Many prayers have been said on her behalf through all the moments she was away. Tears shed as she was injured, or when her partner fell. All these things. FAKE!!!

I spoke with my friends, family, and my son to prepare them for my meeting Kasia– and explained a potential that we’d be married soon because she and I developed a deep connection online which I felt was absolutely real. How does it look now .. how do I feel now to have been such an idiot to prepare my family for a future with Kasia? She said she was preparing everyone in her life for our meeting too… but no one knew she and I were even talking, except her brother Ted.

I want to just say here that it wasn’t a lot of puppy-dog stuff. Yes, it was that too, but there was real responsible adult conversations taking place as we developed deeper and closer together online. Discussing all aspects of life, what life would be like together, and created a realistic view of a real and normal life together. It wasn’t like some who paint a fantasy, but real “honey, you left your socks on the floor again” type of conversations.

She spoke with my son, and made promises to him she never intended to keep. He always wanted a sibling and mother figure when he was with me, which she dangled right in front of him.

When other dating opportunities presented themselves, I pushed them away because I was being faithful to who I believed I was in love with.

Looking back, there have been a number of good girls I could have dated, and who knows– could be living life with one of them today.

Kasia stole 2 years of my life. I made decisions based upon a relationship I thought was real. Decisions I would have made differently if she hadn’t been so deceptive.

I’m certain those who are in her life are being lead to believe I’m lying, and they probably believe her, because she is truly that deceptive.

To them I say: why would she clear her email and skype history if she had nothing to hide from you? Think about that. All the claims she has that I’m lying, or have done something wrong would be held in her history as evidence. Why clear that? Because the evidence points to the fact that her playing this game online actually happened.

She might spin any number of lies that create good reasons to remove her skype history. Something to also know– I was never asked by her to stop talking with her. Ted was the one who told me to stop talking with her because he basically said nothing she was telling me was really going to turn out like I thought. It was me who called her a liar, and stopped talking with her.

Kate Boruta Butler called herself Kasia, and pretended to be a Canadian Spy who underwent memory wipes.

After wasting 2 years of my life, she said she was barely starting to like me again after her last wipe, and it’s too bad I ended things by telling her I was having a hard time believing her claims.

I didn’t end things, but she quickly knew her game was over when I contacted family and friends to confirm her story. Was contacting them abusive or stalking in any way, shape, or form?

According to Dr. Phil, MTV Catfish, and other sources– including news stories on various channels, contacting people who know her to verify facts is smart online dating– she accused me of stalking her, when in fact.. I did not make annoying phone calls, nor repeated emails to people. 1 single email, or 1 phone call.. nothing crazy, or out of the norms set forth by many hints and tips for verifying online dates whether they are real or catfish. I discovered that Kasia was in fact lying, married, and a compulsive liar.

The true victims in this situation are her husband, her family, her friends, me, my family, and my son.

When my family tried to tell me she was probably not telling me the truth, I stood up and defended her. I felt I had seen real evidence that pointed to her being everything she said she was. By meeting, I couldn’t wait to prove them wrong– however, we never met. Now I know why. She’s mentally ill, compulsive liar, and married.

She has victimized all of us involved through her actions. Through creating a false online relationship, and continually telling me of her interest in me and desire for a future with me (even until the end) she caused all of this.

Robbing someone of 2 years of someone’s life is something I want to help make sure she can’t do again.

Hopefully the blogs, videos, tweets, posts on facebook, and all content I’ve placed online help other guys detect early that she’s lying to them and manipulating them. Hopefully she doesn’t rob anyone else time from their lives– time that simply won’t come back.

Truth About Kasia (Kate) Boruta Butler Revealed

It’s now been confirmed by someone close to Kasia (they wished for their identity to remain anonymous) that she is married to her high school sweetheart, has not held a job outside the home in about 10 years, and is a compulsive liar. None of the spy stuff, international travel, or anything that kept us from meeting was true. It does appear that much of what she said about her life, friends, and other things outside the stories has been true.

I hope her and her husband can work things out between them, and that she’s able to get the mental help she needs.

She’s a great person who has made a great mistake, and hurt innocent people in her life.. including the kids involved.

If this blog and other content hadn’t been online, the truth would have remained hidden from me.

Thanks to all those who have helped me in learning the truth, and recognizing the lies for what they are.

The videos and content online I hope help prevent her from leading any other unsuspecting men into her lies, and help healing enter her marriage. Hopefully the info does keep other guys away, and also helps keep Kasia honest.. and focused on her marriage.

What Made Dating Kasia Boruta Butler Online Feel Real?

christmas card
As I look back over the relationship, I ask myself: What made it feel real?

The answer is very simple, but those who have not had this experience might not fully understand.

When you talk with someone all day long on cam, voice chat, or text and they go get their daughter at a certain time from the bus stop, then come back online after her daughter’s in bed, a feeling they are real is developed and a lot is talked about.

There was a routine to have that person in my life each day. Good morning messages started out the day. She told me of which days she went to the office, and which days she was on duty. She talked about the place she worked, and the people she worked with. She talked about a funny experience that happened that day, or something frustrating that happened at work. This made her work feel very real.

She felt real to me because of the voice and cam chats we had daily. Hours of conversation talking about anything that came to mind.

We had music playing, talked, laughed, and discussed things like her book Couplehood, from Paul Reiser.

She would tell me about activities her and her daughter have been doing, something funny her daughter has said, or that her daughter sometimes gets herself in trouble. She also described that when she took her to girl scouts, she’d go to the nearby pub for hot wings. Her long days at work she’d pick-up Chinese on the way home.

She spoke about her brother, mother, babcia (grandma) and many other people in her life. She’d talk about her friends, and share websites they’ve made, pictures of them, and tell me about their husbands. She told me of the people she felt I’d get along well with in her life, which apparently was mostly everyone.

We watched shows or movies, and would come back online to talk about them. We’d be up half the night talking with each other, and some nights all night long!

We had so much in common, it felt. Kids that were similar ages, similar mindset, similar religious views, similar ways of approaching problems… just so many things..

The more we talked and got to know one another, I truly felt I was getting to know the real Kasia. She sat relaxed in her chair, was goofy at times, smiley, fun, happy, and also during hard times she cried, and we grew close.

So when she tells me she wants to meet, I’m excited! That’s what I wanted too! When she told me I needed a background check because of her government job, I didn’t have any reason to disbelieve her.

When we couldn’t meet, it was related to things out of her control. We kept talking so much of the day and night, that it felt she was here. Of course it wasn’t the same, because I couldn’t actually hold her, kiss her, or anything like that.

Plans for meeting were made again, and felt very realistic within her role. Reasons things fell through felt realistic within her role. Our friendship continued to grow more and more. When you talk that much with someone, you really do get the feeling you know them. Conversations about them growing up, their family, their friends, beliefs, hopes, fears, wants, and everything else come through those conversations.

I guess the underlying reason things felt so real was how much time I spent with her, and how much I wanted the love I thought I was receiving. I loved her for all that she was.

Within my businesses, I bounced ideas off her. She was able to see the wisdom and understanding I had as I discussed with her my ideas, and she also recognized my reasons why some of her ideas weren’t that good. I also had ideas she helped me see weren’t all that good, and we built upon those things. It felt like we were a perfect team.

Communication is a big deal for a relationship. She and I certainly had a lot of it, which made everthing feel real between us.

My warning would be if you’re in an online relationship and never met the person, even if you see them on cam, feel they are a good mother or father because of how they present themselves, please research if they are who they say they are. Generally people don’t meet because they are hiding something.

Had I contacted Ted Boruta long ago, I could have saved myself a lot of disappointment.

He ultimately told me nothing I thought happened or was happening was going to actually happen in real life. He wouldn’t answer whether she was married, so I assumed she is. As much as I hated the news, I was grateful for the messenger.

What a painful moment to realize all the reasons you believed for not meeting were false, and also recognize that everything talked about was a lie too.

How much she lied was probably the reason for the fake memory wipes. The liar covered her tracks by telling me she couldn’t remember because of the wipes that cleared those memories from recall.

She played a good game, that’s for sure. I was totally convinced.


Is Kasia (Kate) Boruta Butler a Canadian Spy or Just a Catfish?


I work online from home, and one of my moderators and I became great friends. She worked for me, and stood out as one of the best workers I’ve ever had.

As we kept talking, we got to know one another very well, and we started to fall in love.

Little-by-little she let me know about her other job. At first she said she worked for the government, and before we could meet I needed to agree to a background check.

I agreed, because I have nothing to hide.

In course of time, the results came back and I was “green light” for meeting.

Plans were made, but they couldn’t happen.

They couldn’t happen because she was having a wipe; which is a mind altering, memory removing procedure related to her role.

She explained to me shortly before this wipe that her role in the gov is more like Bourne — Like from Bourne Identity.

The date of her wipe just happened to occur the same weekend we planned to meet. She told me of the procedure and the risk I may be cleared from her recall.

We were emotional about the possibility that all we had developed and the feelings we had for one another would be lost.

This was hard to believe, but as I had gotten to know her little-by-little I accepted what she said as truth, because I felt she had no reason to lie.

I know there are things unknown to the general public that governments do, and with her use of language, and keeping her story straight, I trusted what she was telling me was true.

That weekend was Thanksgiving 2011. I thought how sad it was I had canceled all other plans for Thanksgiving so I could spend time with my girlfriend. I spent that Thanksgiving alone.

When she came online after the procedure, she demonstrated complete true alignment in character to lead me to believe that she really had been wiped of all memories of me.

She had trigger words that the doctors gave her. These trigger words were created out of hypnotic suggestions to bring memories of things back into recollection. She would lose anything that she just came in contact with, and certain other events from the previous 60 days as they targeted memories containing secrets of experiences they would like to remove from her memory to help her cope and continue forward in her role.

The sheet was comprised of things about her daughter and 2/3 of the sheet was about me. She showed me how important it was for her to remember me, and gave me the trigger phrases to help her recall. When the phrase was used she told me of the sharp pains that accompanied the memory flashes, and with a wave of memories, she became emotional.

We continued to get to know one another, and like before she began feeling feelings for me. I saw this as an incredible proof that who I am is who she really was looking for. She told me of her deep feelings for me too, and included more information about her role as she felt she could “Trust” me.

She and I once again made plans to meet, but she was denied any time off because they were short on back-ups. She explained that with few crew available, she would need to be available for assignments.

As we planned to meet some more, dates were selected– which once again couldn’t happen because she was going away on assignment. She provided very little detail of what she was doing, because of the secretive nature of her role.

Because of her feelings for me, she sent me her tags and made me her primary contact in case of any incident while on assignments.

She gave me all the details from her tags, explained what each part meant, and described how the person will call — asking me to verify additional information depending on how seriously she was injured, or whether she had fallen.

We said our goodbyes online while she prepared to be picked up from her home, and taken to a location where they would fly out to their destination.

She expressed deep feelings, plans for the future, desires, and was quite emotional with the prospect of losing me, or having me lose her through the assignment.

Her friend bubs005 aka Dex was also in communication with me on skype, which helped me feel a more solid feeling that all this was true, especially as he also wanted to say goodbye before leaving.

There’s many details being left out from this mainly because it’s difficult to condense several months into a single message, but with how much we spoke, how often, and how openly we felt comfortable with one another– on cam, voice, and through text chats– I became so grateful for finding someone who I could love, feel like I could be my true self, and feel totally embraced– and beyond that, feel totally and completely able to love someone else, give them my heart and soul, and trust in her.

Her friend bubs fell on one of the next assignments, and she was completely besides herself having lost one of her nearest and dearest friends.

Her ex-boyfriend Steve would be her next partner. They supposedly had quite the past which was compared to the relationship I was having, except it was for years and in person.

I had been receiving notifications on skype from steve144-009 before him transferring to that location. He sent notifications to all primary/secondary contacts relating to things while ops were out in the field.

Now that he was her partner, he was pressing himself on Kasia sexually while out in the field. I had contact also with someone on skype named Chief Biran Wingham (skype: canopschief144)

He said he would take care of it, which included a wipe of both Steve and Kasia of each other’s existence so she could serve out the rest of her contract with him as a partner.. because they didn’t have back-ups to replace him with anyone else.

Through the course of all this time, there had been many plans for us to meet which weren’t possible because of contract, not having back-ups available, because of a wipe that cleared me from memory and required her to feel like she knew me before meeting, and other things relating to her role.

Since she had sent me tags, and I had contact with her superior on skype, other agents such as Steve and Dex .. I felt for sure things were true. Kasia kept herself in perfect character the whole time, and kept her story straight. I truly felt she was authentic, and that our relationship.. the feelings developed were real.

Going through this experience is not easy, because when you place that much trust into someone, and allow yourself to be vulnerable to them.. and see that they are being (apparently) openly honest with you.. it shakes reality to the core of one’s soul.

When she came to the end of her contract Oct 31, 2012.. she and I had already spoken online over 1 year. She and I had plans for meeting, meeting one another’s families, and have more discussion about marriage and other plans moving forward into the future. I wasn’t sure if we’d have anything happen in person, but she was confident that because we had developed such a wonderful connection online on multiple levels of connection that we’d easily and quite wonderfully be able to translate what we have online into the offline world.

She explained that after contract they have a much deeper wipe so they can move forward with their lives as normal people, without all the difficult memories nagging at them — reminding them of all the terrible things they had seen and been a part of. This final wipe was possibly going to clear me from memory again, but I felt confident that if that happened we’d get back together because we had before.

After the wipe, she indeed couldn’t remember me. She asked me to verify who I was based upon knowing her home address and tag info. I confirmed all this info with her, and she spoke with me as often as she could as she was tying down loose ends.

The loose ends she was tying down was collecting information and items from safety deposit boxes around the world that she had stored for her retirement. Her ex-boyfriend Steve was also pressing himself on her, and she was not welcoming to that happening. Steve in this experience was saying that they would either live together or die together. So she had to lead him into a trap, take him out– and then take out anyone who was in place to take her out (meaning kill her) in the event he was to have fallen. She explained that everyone in her line of business has people looking out for them, and that if someone falls there are others who would avenge their death.

So her tying down loose ends continued all through Nov, Dec, and about 1/2 way into Jan 2012. Final targets turned into more final targets as she detected more risks, and more people who would come after her because of the people who she had to deal with. Her goal was for her own safety, of her family, and other loved ones when she came home. She wanted to enjoy the rest of her life with minimal risk of being shot while on vacation with her family, or other things like this.

When I told her how much I missed her, she suggested that we take a break until she was able to meet me. We had planned to meet 1-2 weeks after she returned home from tying down these lose ends.

When she suggested a break… I was confused. I reflected on all that we had experienced and endured together. At first I agreed to a break, but the next day said– wait, I want to be with you through this. After a week of not hearing from her, I sent her a message of break-up. The following day, she said she was on her way home and that it was too bad I had stopped the relationship at that point. She was looking forward to meet.

I quickly told her that I would still very much like that, and seeing that she actually did want to meet, I confirmed that I wanted to, and tried to help her know my message of break-up was because of the flood of emotions caused by her calling for a break.

I spoke with her on the phone after she came home. I sent her cookies to her address as a welcome home gift. I wanted to meet soon, so I kept positive the idea that we would soon meet. She told me that now that she’s home she was dealing with post traumatic stress. She didn’t want me to see her that way. She was jumpy, on guard, and wasn’t feeling like herself.

She was getting therapy setup by Chief Biran Wingham. The therapy was helping her cope with the PTSD, which they felt important because she had taken on another 6 month contract which was to begin within a month from that point. The plan was for her and I to have met before that contract, and have me go to Europe with her.

From what she said, the doctors wanted me to focus on the contract, so they built in blockers in her memory to cause her emotional pain when she spoke with me. They helped her overcome the PTSD with another wipe also– which cleared me out.

So, having been cleared from her memory once again, and any attempt to reconnect causing her pain.. I stepped away. I discontinued contact with her in March 2013.

Months went by, and each day I thought of her. I thought of the love, the deep connection we had developed. When I tried dating other girls locally, all I could think about was her– and the deepest feelings of love I had felt during that time, and my desire to show her the true feelings of love I had felt too.

I got back in contact with her to find out she said she also thought of me. That she also at a time flew out to an Air Force base nearby, and decided to fly back home because the timing wasn’t right. I had broken things off with her, and she didn’t feel comfortable reaching out to me.

We continued contact as often as we could while she was to complete her contract– which was delayed starting because of the therapy and treatments earlier in the year. Her contract supposedly ends Jan 5, 2014. In expressing to her my feelings, I also openly expressed doubt that we would meet. It had been over 2 years since we first started talking, and the reasons we couldn’t meet before sprung at the last moment, and were things I sometimes found it difficult to believe.

Because I told her I found it difficult to believe, she abruptly ended the relationship, and said that maybe Jan 5 she would get in contact with me after her contract– because then there would be nothing to stand in the way of our meeting.

I sent her messages confirming that I have faith, but do find it hard to believe.. and that I was sorry I offended her– I tried to help her understand why it would be difficult to believe considering the circumstances. She told me of her desire to have a man that trusts her, told me she was disappointed in me, and told me maybe when her contract ends she’ll consider contact.

I didn’t want to wait another 2 months to find out another reason we couldn’t meet. I felt there had to be a way to discover sooner whether any of this is real.

I began to think of how much she said she was preparing her whole family and all of her friends to meet me and welcome me into her life. So I reached out to them explaining my feelings for her, and desire to know whether things were true.. so I could give her the trust she was asking for.

I received contact from no one except her brother. He said, “Whatever you think is happening between you and Kasia is not going to end up like you think it will.” He told me to leave her alone, and called me a stalker for having “found” Kasia’s family/friends. He didn’t realize that she had been the one to tell me all about her family and friends, as she also said she had told them all about me.

I thought of the movie “The Vow” and how it’s important to work hard to show someone who can’t remember you how much that relationship means, how much that person means in our lives.

During this point of the contract, Kasia had just told me she was transferred from France to Belgium. Just to test if she was home, I called her home line. She picked up.

To me, her brother’s attitude for me reaching out to family and friends, and Kasia’s being home while she was supposed to be in Europe proves that she had been lying this whole time.

Then, all the doubts flooded forward as I felt like a total fool for believing that she was a secret spy for the Canadian government, that she had memory wipes, and that any of her stories/experiences she shared about her role/assignments/etc were true. Man, what an idiot I have been.

I now feel extremely motivated by purpose to expose her as being a fraud openly to help others who may be seeking to know if she’s really who she says she is.

Developing a relationship online with Kate (Kasia) and not sure this is the same person?

Here’s some info to help you know if the Kasia (Kate) you’re speaking with is the same one.

OP#006, JD#144

Screen Names:
blondie644 (skype)
Blondie006 (skype)
halinkaszabka (skype)
pureradiancecanada (skype)
jointoperationschief (skype)
sammy.cat2 (skype)


Lives In Hagersville / Hamilton Ontario Area
Also Says She Has Property In Florida

Halina (Halinka) Boruta

Step Father:
Robert (Bob) R Pilcher

Paul Boruta

Ted Boruta

Dorothy Boruta

Everything looked and felt authentic. I called the Canadian government agencies.. as many as I possibly could. All confirmed these tags are fake. Kasia’s birthday May 1, 1974 and other details given could not provide any results for military background, or any other affiliation with any of the claimed agencies she worked with.

I setup a facebook page to expose her for the fraud she is also– hoping that no one else would have to go through what I have.

383945_10151066747260355_2091715625_n kasiaKasia on facebook 4-23-12 Kasia Borta 2 Kasia Borta